24. 1. 2020


Carrot soup with lentil

Slowly baked veal in natural sauce with baked potatoes and vegetables – 7,60 Eur

Fish stew with cornmeal mush and rosemary – 7,60

Pasta with truffles and porcini – 7 Eur

Salad plate with chicken and yogurt dressing– 7 Eur

Salad plate with nuts and grilled vegetables – 7 Eur

Chocolate brownie with almonds and salty caramel – 1,5 Eur


Garlic cream soup with toasted bread

Beef strips with leek and tagliatelle with sesame – 7 Eur

Baked red scorpionfish with vegetables chickpea- 7 Eur

Gnocchi in mascarpone tomato sauce with spinah and pine nuts – 7 Eur

Veal stew with groats žličniki – 5 Eur

Salad plate with vegetables and nuts – 7 Eur

Salad plate with chicken and sweet sour dressing – 7 Eur

Pancakes with hazelnut spread – 1,5 Eur