11. 12. 2019


Garlic cream sauce with crutons

Slowly baked pork neck, apple chatni, kohlrabi mashed potoates – 7,60 Eur

Trout fillet with fennel risotto and wine sauce- 7,60 Eur

Leek pie with cottage cheese and yogurt dressing- 7 Eur

Bean stew with smoked ham- 5,50 Eur

Salad plate with smoked salmon – 7 Eur

Salad plate with egg and bacon – 7 Eur

Lemon cottage cheese pie with soft fruit

Apple strudel

Ježek (Chocolate ball) – 1,5 Eur

Cream cake – 3 Eur



Pea cream soup

Pork roast in karst sauce with baked potatoes and vegetables – 7 Eur

Lasagna with smoked salmon, spinach and sour crema sauce – 7 Eur

Vegetables rague with polenta and parmesan – 7 Eur

Mixed potatoes goulash (beef and pork) – 5 Eur

Salad plate with chicken and sweet and sour sauce – 7 Eur

Salad plate grilled vegetbles and nuts – 7 Eur

Chocolate brownie