Gostilna dela Domžale
Gostilna dela Domžale


Social enterprise
Eat tasty. Make a change.


Dear friends of Gostilna dela!

With the Gostilna dela project, we first wanted to train young people with behavioural and emotional problems to work in the hospitality industry. Over the years, we expanded our mission and began to include people from various vulnerable groups, especially people with the status of disabled person.

We raised awareness of educational workshops and the training and employment of vulnerable groups, which grew into a business model, at numerous conferences, round tables and lectures for students.

In 2011, Ljubljana Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded us with silver award for innovation for the “Model of training workshop Gostilna dela”.
During the twelve years of operation, the Gostilna dela team prepared more than 500,000 meals, 1,000 banquets, trained more than 50 young people from vulnerable groups, employed more than ten people with the status of disabled person and changed six head chefs.
We participated in many socially responsible projects. Let’s mention only a few of the most striking ones: Tour “From Ljubljana with Love”, pilot project “Green Supply Chains”, project “Poljanska 7–14” project, project “Exit – inclusion of users from Mother’s Homes”.
Stories about Gostilna dela were published in more than fifty articles and broadcasts, both in Slovenia and abroad, in 2015 even in the British newspaper The Guardian.
Gostilna dela is closed. Challenges such as rising prices of raw materials and personnel issues in the hospitality industry, as well as the difficulty of implementing our business model in the covid and post-covid period, led to the decision that our story ends.
Above all, we sincerely thank all our guests and business partners for all the support and unforgettable memories and great stories.
Together we created a successful story about training and employment of young people from vulnerable groups, especially people with the status of disabled person.

Thank you! Now is the time to create new stories and new memories!
P.S.: The existing team of Gostilna dela remains part of the company Centerkontura, which, as a disabled company. We train and employ people with disability and offer various services and programs.