Gostilna dela Domžale
Gostilna dela Domžale


Social enterprise
Eat tasty. Make a change.

Training and employment programs for people with disabilities and people from various vulnerable groups.

Catering, organized dinners, culinary courses and home made products.

Our story

What we do?


In our restaurant we offer vocational training to different vulnerable groups of young people (young people aged from 17–25 without formal education, young people with disabilities up to the age 30 and others with special needs) who are threatened with long-term unemployment because of their specifics.


Training programme


The main purpose of the training is to acquire and develop general work habits. We teach young people timely arrival to work, how to follow the  rules, participation in the group, acceptance of management and supervision. We encourage their independence and acquire practical skills for independent work in a restaurant company.

The work and training of the target group requires a good understanding and knowledge of characteristics of this, as well as knowledge of special work methods. That is why our program includes various services and various professional workers.

The implementation of the program is monitored by an expert team which includes chef and mentor for assistant of cook and assistant of waiter (monitoring practical part of training program), psychologist and special educator teacher.

As a result, they are better prepared for a more suc­cessful entry into the world of labour.


*Restaurant »Gostilna dela«  is one of the results of the project which was Funded by Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs (15 %) in European Social Fund (85 %). In 2009 Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs published first call for tenders to promote the development of social entrepreneurship (education and employment of vulnerable groups).

**At the end of October 2011 the project was over but restaurant »Gostilna dela« continues it’s social mission under the auspices of the owner of the project, i.e. Centerkontura.